Finnian (Angora Rabbit)
Dozer (Pot-bellied Pig)
Ally (Burmese Python)
Eastern Box Turtles
Wendy and Gabby in the Herbs
Bert (Ferret)
Fitz (Rabbit)
Freckles Outside (Ball Python)
Starlight (Button Quail)
Isis (African Grey Parrot)
Wicket and Truffle (Rats)
Rico (Sonoran Kingsnake)
Joey and Mia (Parrotlets)
Paco (Alpaca)
Blue (Chicken)
Josephini Houdini (Tarantula)
Finches-pitcher6 book ed2.jpg
Felix (Chinchilla)
Hermit Crab
Joey and Mia (Parrotlets)
Corn Snakes
Medusa (Green Tree Snake)
Blue-tongued Skink
Indian Star Tortoises, watched by Shadow
Jade (Iguana)
Marvin (Chameleon)
Tumnus (Bearded Dragon)
Spike and Crikey (Bearded Dragons)
Hickety (Chicken)
Pippin (Sugar Glider) and Pangur
Kiva (Hedgehog)
Vicious (Tegu)
Turdell (Snapping Turtle)
Bonnie and Clyde (Leopard Geckos)
Pax (Peacock)
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